London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2019
London Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2019
7th & 8th February 2019
Thomas Lord Conference Centre
Lord's Cricket Ground, London
6th February 2019
A review of the latest techniques for regenerative and reparative medicine



Day one – 7th February 2019
am – Back to basics | pm – Complex osteotomy

08:15 Registration  
  SESSION ONE – Back to basics for HTO Moderator: Adrian Wilson, Ronald Van Heerwaarden
08:30 Welcome Adrian Wilson
08:40 History of osteotomy Romain Seil
08:50 An overview of osteotomies Philipp Lobenhoffer
09:10 Biomechanics in osteotomy surgery Dietrich Pape
09:25 Planning for osteotomy surgery Ronald Van Heerwaarden
10:05 Cutting the bone safely and how to prepare an allograft femoral head wedge Raghbir Khakha
10:15 Discussion  
10:40 COFFEE  
11:10 SESSION 2 – Live cadaveric demo of HTO surgery Moderator: Mike Risebury, Matt Dawson
  Step-by-step demonstration of a HTO using PEEK Powerplate
Steps including: Setup, incision, biplane cut, plate application and hinge compression
Konrad Slynarski / Bhushan Sabnis
11:40 SESSION 3 – HTO Workshop with sawbones (3 x 25 minute round robin sessions)  
Box 1 Newclip sawbone workshop Lead faculty James Robinson
Box 2 Tomofix sawbone workshop Lead faculty Romain Seil
Box 3 PEEK Powerplate sawbone workshop Lead faculty Konrad Slynarski
13:10 LUNCH  
13:45 Lunchtime workshop: How and why muscle strength is key to optimising patient outcomes Claire Minshull
14:15 SESSION 4 – Double & multi level osteotomy Moderator: Konrad Slynarski, Steffen Schroeter
14:15 Double level osteotomy around the knee Kristian Kley
14:35 Multi level single bone osteotomy Ronald Van Heerwaarden
14:55 Multi level osteotomy with ExFix Joerg Harrer
15:15 Live cadaveric demonstration from Guys Anatomy Lab Moderator: Adrian Wilson, Sebastien Parratte
  MIS Double level osteotomy Kristian Kley / Philipp Lobenhoffer
16:20 Live surgical demonstration from Guys Anatomy Lab Moderator: Steffen Schroeter, Joerg Harrer
  Rotational and varising lateral DFO live demo Bhushan Sabnis, Raghbir Khakha
16:50 SESSION 5 – The Commonwealth experience and osteotomy Moderator: Kristian Kley, Romain Seil
16:50 Osteotomy in India a personal experience Sachin Tapasvi
17:10 Lessons learnt in osteotomy from the Kennedy Fowler Institute, our experience and results Al Getgood
17:20 Discussion  
17:30 Why did I choose an osteotomy for my painful knee?
Why is osteotomy the knee surgeon’s choice?
Anant Joshi
17:50 Tour of Lord's  
19:30 Drinks reception and dinner in the Long Room at Lord's  


Day 1 London timetable | Day 2 London timetable | Rockstar timetable

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